Toyota’s New Crossover Concept 517 V2

Toyota recently revealed a new concept vehicle, the FT-4X crossover, in New York City. The new concept is geared toward millennials, and Forbes says that it “has the connectivity of an iPhone, the functionality of a large Leatherman multi-tool kit and the handling of a mini Land Cruiser.”

The FT-4X concept has an orange and white exterior with an upright windshield, flared front fenders, and resembles the Land Cruiser. Inside, the FT-4X includes many removable features, including water bottles as door handles, a flashlight mounted in the ceiling, a boombox in the lower dashboard, and a North Face sleeping bag as an armrest. It also includes a refrigerator and warmer in the back of the vehicle.

Finally, the FT-4X would feature all-wheel-drive, so it would be a crossover built for adventures. Read more about it here.

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