Have you ever made someone do a double-take? Get used to it. With the new 2015 Toyota Camry, double-takes will come standard. Bold, aggressive hood lines and a striking new front grille make the Camry impossible to ignore.

The Camry has been America’s best-selling car for 12 years due to its reliability, value and motoring. The Camry’s reputation has always been based on these vehicle highlights, but not as much on the exterior styling. With the extensive refresh for 2015, there will be more adrenaline with the sportiest Camry design yet.

The new update includes sportier suspension tuning and revisions to the electric power system, improving the feel and response of the car. New standard features include a wireless charging station for cell phones, and the option for lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, pre-collision alerts, automatic headlights and more.

The 2015 Camry is set to go on sale this fall. Stay tuned for updates…you won’t want to miss out on driving this completely reimagined vehicle!

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